COVID-19 Statement

Date:  January 18, 2022
To:  All Customers, Vendors, Tour Companies and passengers
From:  Suzanne S. Thornburg, Capital and Colonial Trailways, President/CEO
RE:  Capital and Colonial Trailways Standards of Cleanliness pertaining to COVID-19 variants

This memo is to inform all customers, vendors, tour companies, and passengers of our motor coaches regarding the protocols and guidelines for cleanliness and safety standards we have set forth, as recommended by the CDC during the current time of the increased COVID-19 variant reports.  We are following guidelines and quality standards as established by both the CDC and the State of Alabama Department of Health.

Passenger safety and Quality Control—Capital and Colonial Trailways is committed to a safe and reliable motorcoach transportation experience for all of our passengers.  We have a stellar record of safety and quality transportation and adhere to all regulations, both state and federal, for safe transportation, as well as driver and equipment compliance.  We are also a “green” carrier and follow all guidelines for protecting our environment from unnecessary pollution. Our drivers are held to strict standards for providing a secure travel experience, including professional appearance and behavior at all times. We have been moving passengers for more than 90 years in a safe and efficient manner for the most enjoyable experience in motorcoach travel within our industry.  We are one of the most highly regulated industries by the DOT, FMCSA, Homeland Security, NTSB, TSA, and multiple state agencies.  We consistently remain in compliance and partner well with each of these regulatory agencies also.

Cleanliness Protocols—our employees currently are following CDC regulations for the transportation industry, which can be found in the link below under the section “how to clean and disinfect community areas in the transportation business”.

We utilize lemonquat cleaner, a known antimicrobial agent and antiviral cleaner, and follow proper processes for the period of time the agent must remain on the surface to be effectively used.  We are also using a safe and effective bio cleaner in our cleaning process of each surface on every motorcoach.

Our companies are also members of the AssurClean program as drafted and distributed by the United Motorcoach Association, one of our industry’s top professional organizations.  More info about the program and our commitment to cleanliness can be found at the following link.

Additionally, we are asking customers to also stay educated by following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 as found on the CDC homepage and the link attached below. All passengers, as well as our drivers, are asked to mask up as needed.  We are not establishing social distancing requirements on our coaches at this time but groups are welcome to reduce their passenger size per coach if they choose to do so.

It is important that all passengers who are feeling ill, experiencing a fever, cough, or any other potential symptoms of COVID-19 remain at home on the day of scheduled travel.  We are all in this together and want our employees and our customers to remain safe and healthy, now and in the future.