About Our Coaches

The modern intercity motorcoach is a comfortable, reliable vehicle engineered with both the safety and comfort of the passenger in mind. Our company carefully inspects and maintains every vehicle in our fleet to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your trip.

Our drivers inspect the coach they operate at the beginning and end of each day. This inspection includes critical items such as tires, wheels, steering, brakes, and other items, such as coach cleanliness, restrooms, P.A. system, and baggage areas.

Should our drivers ever encounter a problem, we’ll do all we can to avoid or minimize any delay. This is a rare occurrence, but if it should happen, please bear with us so that your motorcoach continues to be a safe and efficient vehicle.

Our coaches are classified as commercial vehicles, and while most states and provinces allow a great deal of freedom of movement, the motorcoach may occasionally be restricted as to where and when it can travel. We’ll arrange your route according to your itinerary and specific requests, making sure that the coach meets all relevant size and weight limits, and is permitted to operate legally along the way. Occasionally, unexpected restrictions such as detour or road closings may deviate an anticipated routing. If this occurs, we’ll do everything possible to keep your trip on schedule, but we must meet the requirements of the law.

Should you change your trip itinerary at the last minute, it may be necessary to make new arrangements. We’ll do everything possible to satisfy your needs. Please check with our offices if a significant change should come about so that we can make arrangements as efficiently and as quickly as possible.