Are you a safe, qualified motorcoach driver?  Capital Trailways and Colonial Trailways are always looking for safe drivers. We are always looking to expand our maintenance and janitorial team as well.

What do our employees say about working with us?

I have been all over the United States, met so many people, and watched so many drivers work to become better and safer drivers. These are some of the most professional drivers I have ever seen.

Derek Taylor, 22 years of employment, Driver

Everyday is a learning experience for me. I get to go to places I have not been and sightsee. Being able to travel to different places is a blessing for me.

Wayne Gandy, 16 years of employment, Driver

I’ve enjoyed meeting new people – customers and fellow employees – and visiting different areas across our nation. I have learned that people appreciate a bus driver who is personable and friendly, as well as safe and cautious.

Eddie Eckermann, 26 years of employment, Driver