Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the safest, most reliable, and most comfortable group travel experience by delivering the highest level of customer service with the most professionally trained experienced driving force in the motorcoach industry. From our seasoned sales and support staff to our expert maintenance team, we take every pleasure in serving you. Our team is fully committed to providing an exceptional journey on your group’s travel adventure.

Our Leadership

Leadership Capital & Colonial Trailways

Suzanne S. Thornburg, CEO/President, joined our team in April of 2019 after holding a Board of Directors position with the companies for approximately 8 years prior. Suzanne’s former career experience focused on 25+ years of banking, investments, and financial services. She is a graduate of Auburn University and an active advocate for the bus industry. She serves on the American Bus Association Foundation Board and the Trailways National Board. Suzanne is married to Craig Thornburg, a retired Chemical Engineer, and they have a beautiful blended family of seven children.

Frank E. Montgomery IV is the vice president of our companies and the general manager of our Madison location. He is a 2020 graduate of the University of South Alabama College of Business. Frank holds his CDL with passenger endorsement as well. The motorcoach industry has been a part of his family for 90+ years. Frank is the oldest son of Suzanne and currently manages all aspects of our Madison, AL location. He is also a fifth-generation co-owner of the companies, along with his three siblings, Katelyn, William, and Kellie.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are trained professionals who do their utmost to provide the safest ride possible for their passengers. As qualified interstate bus drivers, they are required to meet a multitude of rigorous federal standards. For example, our driving records are thoroughly checked, our drivers must pass DOT physical examinations, and our drivers are required to participate in the random drug and alcohol screening program.

Our drivers are limited by federal laws as to the number of hours they may drive on a trip or during any given 24 hr. period. These “hours of service” regulations are for your safety. Should your trip require more than the allowable hours, we’ll make arrangements to have another driver ready to take over. Many states and provinces have other local restrictions limiting what the driver may do. Our drivers are familiar with the various local laws regarding speed, parking, and routing. We take pride in the safety records of our drivers which has become a foundation for our reputation.