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About Us

about2Capital Trailways has been considered a leading member of the bus industry for decades. Founded nearly eight decades ago, the company was originally heavily involved in scheduled service. With a location in Alabama, Capital Trailways was sitting at a major crossroads in the Trailways network. As a result, the company participated in thru routes that extended to Miami, New York and San Francisco. In more current years, Capital Trailways and its long-time sister company Colonial Trailways made the transition to a modern charter operation but still maintain some scheduled service. Here is the story on how these companies got to be where they are today.

Motorcoaching into the 21st Century

Motorcoach charters and tours are a regular and everyday event today in the United States and Canada. The intercity bus or ‘motorcoach’ industry is a privately operated. Critical part of the transportation system in the United States, providing more than 774 million passenger trips annually – more than airlines and Amtrak combined. Members of the industry serve more then 4200 communities nationwide in regular service, and can serve every community in the country through charter, tour, airport shuttle, commuter, sightseeing and contract service. This mode of transportation is growing rapidly each year.

About Our Coaches

about3The modern intercity motorcoach is a comfortable, reliable vehicle engineered with both the safety and comfort of the passenger in mind. Our company carefully inspects and maintains every vehicle in our fleet to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your trip.

Our drivers inspect the coach they operate at the beginning and end of each day. This inspection includes critical items such as tires, wheels, steering, brakes, and other items, such as coach cleanliness, restrooms, P.A. system, and baggage areas.

Should our drivers ever encounter a problem, we’ll do all we can to avoid or minimize any delay. This is a rare occurrence, but if it should happen, please bear with us so that your motorcoach continues to be a safe and efficient vehicle.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are trained professionals who do their utmost to provide the safest ride possible for their passengers. As qualified interstate bus drivers, they are required to meet a multitude of rigorous federal standards. For example, on regular basis, driving records are checked, drivers must pass DOT physical examinations and are required to be in the random drug and alcohol screening program.

Our drivers are limited by federal laws as to the number of hours they may drive on a trip or during any given 24 hr. period. These “hours of service” regulations are for your safety. Should your trip require more than the allowable hours, we’ll make arrangements to have another driver ready to take over. Many states and provinces have other local restrictions limiting what the driver may do. Our drivers are familiar with the various local laws regarding speed, parking, and routing. We take pride in the safety records of our drivers which has become a foundation for our reputation.


The Highway

Our coaches are classified as commercial vehicles, and while most states and provinces allow a great deal of freedom of movement, the motorcoach may occasionally be restricted as to where and when it can travel. We’ll arrange your route according to your itinerary and specific requests, making sure that the coach meets all relevant size and weight limits, and is permitted to operate legally along the way. Occasionally, unexpected restrictions such as detour or road closings may deviate an anticipated routing. If this occurs, we’ll do everything possible to keep your trip on schedule, but we must meet the requirements of the law.

Should you change your trip itinerary at the last minute, it may be necessary to make new arrangements. We’ll do everything possible to satisfy your needs. Please check with our offices if a significant change should come about so that we can make arrangements as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Your Satisfaction

Our business is service, and your satisfaction is very important to us. This is evident in our large volume of repeat business. We will be pleased to provide you with references and answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call to arrange a trip on the nation’s most fuel-efficient, reliable, and safe mode of transportation – the modern era.

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